Welcome to the home of Swindon Wiltshire Pride

Swindon Pride was launched in 2008, with the first ever Pride festival being held in Swindon.

In 2009, the Pride event was expanded to incorporate Swindon & Wiltshire Pride.

The atmosphere within the Town Gardens is inclusive, happy and vibrant.

The event has expanded since 2009 and now on Pride Day there is something for everyone to do:

Main Stage, Stephen G Sloan Stage, DJ Stage, Shopping Zone, Community Zone, Family Zone, Arts Zone and 2017 saw the introduction of the Literature Zone.

The Parade starts the event off at 11:15am from within the Town Gardens onto Westlecot Road and goes through Old Town before returning to the Quarry Road entrance.

Swindon and Wiltshire Pride Mission Statement

  • As a committee our mission statement is to ensure that the Swindon & Wiltshire Pride event:
    • promotes equality and diversity within the community;
    • provides access to support groups via the event;
    • works towards elimiating discrimation in relation to Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender people via education;
    • as a community event ensure it is accessible and free for all to attend.

    Aims for the Swindon & Wiltshire Pride Committee:

    • raise sufficient funding to hold the event;
    • provide good quality entertainment on the main stage and band stand to suit all that attend;
    • develop the different zones within the park to further cater for all that attend;
    • take the lesson learnt from previous prides and improve on all areas;
    • encourage more involvement from the LGBT community in Wiltshire;
    • expand the event to attract people from a wider spectrum;
    • attract more people from the surrounding counties and further afield.

    Aims for future:

    • grow the commitee and establish a good support network;
    • to continue holding successful and safe events.

Help Swindon Wiltshire Pride support a celebration of LGBT+life

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