This year i am once again jumping into the vice chair role. It will be my 7th year as one of the organizers of Swindon and Wilts Pride. I love working with the other committee members and all of our amazing volunteers and get a huge sense of personal pride when i see all the the efforts over the year culminate in a Safe, inclusive and fun event for the whole of the community to enjoy!   The work has started already for 2015 and its great to see that excitement is building already!
I'm Jo, I've been involved with Pride for a while now, and I've carried out various roles but predominantly being Chair. I believe very strongly in the positive effect Pride has on the community and the person, a sense of belonging and being proud. Being on the committee I've made new friendships and developed the skills I have, its worth all the effort each year because I have Pride!! in the community, committee and all the individuals that help us. So thank you to each and every one of you for 'Making Pride Happen'.
Hi I’m Martin & I have lived in Swindon for 12 years, I run The Mailcoach with my partner Marc. I have continued this role as it fits in with well with my hectic life as I have limited spare time. Personally & as a venue we support Swindon & Wiltshire Pride over the year to help raise thousands of pounds that is needed to put such a great event on for free, which brings the whole community together.
Well Its good to be back helping out with Pride, I have worked for 5 years as the entertainment manager, Swindon has an amazing amount of passion about music and loads of talent   This year looks like its going to be the  the best ever pride, Im trying to mix it up a little, whilst keeping the old, and not so old favourites.   I really excited to be back and I cant wait to get back stage again for the 6th time.  Email me at mark_oliver@live.com
I joined the committee as the boss Penny made me (only joking), this will be my 4th year and I’ve joined the Fundraising Team. Previously I have carried out Parade Co-ordinator with Phoenix which was a blast.   I love the atmosphere on Pride day and it makes me feel very proud to be involved in something like this and what it brings to the community. If you see me on the day come and give me a big hug  as the theme for 2016 is ‘Love for all’. Happy Pride

Hi! I'm Mike and I've been living back in Swindon for 7 years, having grown up in the area.


If, like me, you are of a slightly more "mature persuasion", you will remember what it was like to grow up in the 1980s, a time which saw prejudice and intolerance towards the LGBT community. I for one, NEVER want to see this happen again. Progress from this retrograde time has been slow, but steady since, but it's very important not to be complacent about things.


I firmly believe that through Swindon and Wiltshire Pride, the community has created a unique event which is both very enjoyable and educational.


Having volunteered as a Steward for the past 5 years, I am now looking forward to being more involved in the event in a supporting role for the committee and helping make our Pride 2015, the most enjoyable and successful yet!
I have helped to organise the parade for the last 4 years and really enjoy it and being centre of attention.   It's great to support the LGBTQ community; you can often find me at Pride dressed up in some crazy outfit or recently stilt walking in the parade.   I love unicorns, and glitter. I am looking forward to another fantastic event in 2016. MWAH XXX  
Hi, I am Paul and this is now my third year “helping to make Pride happen”, and my second as volunteer manager. Without the generosity and support of our volunteers Pride would just not be possible and in my role I am constantly amazed by the commitment, camaraderie and sheer hard work that our community offers to help put this event on and support it throughout the year. So I would just like to say a really big thank you to everyone I have had the privilege of meeting and working with, you have all been truly awesome and I am looking forward to catching up with you all (and hopefully some new faces) in 2016.

This will be my fifth year on the committee. 2 years ago I took up the role of Fundraising co-ordinator and this will be my third year in this role along with the support of my husband Steve and my two side kicks Michael and Marc. We have lots of fantastic plans coming up this year to raise money to make SWP even bigger and better this year!


This includes the Ride for Pride cycle challenge and various fundraising parties which are always so much fun and include a raffle and party games and fancy dress, so if you haven’t been to one yet then get your self along to the next one and join in the fun.


We are also planning a picnic trip to the beach in May this year and we are hoping this will be fun and relaxing day to bring the community together.


I am enjoying being a part of something so special and look forward to helping SWP

Further its growth and development over the coming years. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for future events; I look forward to seeing you there.



I first moved from Cardiff to Swindon with work in 2007. Work has since taken me to Taiwan, Mongolia, Malaysia and Luton. When I moved back to Swindon in January 2014 I wanted to support the gay community and being part of the Swindon Pride Committee, looking after the programme and stalls was a great way to do that.


This year I’m concentrating on the Stalls co-ordination and I represent Transgender FtM on the Pride committee. Our Transgender community in Wiltshire is beginning to develop and become more visible.


My partner Tazmin and I are active within this community organising peer support.




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