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Committee Roles

Kristian Wheeler

Chair 2018
Stalls Manager 2014-2017

When I moved to Swindon in January 2014, I wanted to support the gay community and being part of the Swindon Pride Committee, looking after the stall bookings was a great way to do that. As transgender FtM on the Pride committee, I actively encourage openness and integration between the transgender and gay community.

  • Chair the committee meetings;
  • Ensure that the Pride event is run within Health & Safety Constraints and the identified financial budget;
  • Develop and manage the budget with the Vice-chair;
  • Attend stakeholder meetings as necessary;
  • Develop the Sponsorship Pack with the Vice-Chair and seek/develop sponsorship opportunities;
  • Ensure the necessary legal documentation is prepared and submitted for Pride;
  • Attend external meetings with other committee members as required;
  • Support other roles when necessary
  • Be a cheque signature on the account.
This role requires an impartial and objective view at all times. Be approachable and sensitive to people feelings. Can delegate and take a high-level view, be diplomatic and tactful to ensure that you and the committee represented Pride appropriately.



  • Chair the committee meetings when chair is unavailable;
  • To support chair in their role and share duties;
  • Provide support to other committee members in their roles;
  • Can help develop the necessary legal documentation for Pride;
  • To find a resolution should there be any conflict between the chair and other committee members.
  • The role holder must be available consistently throughout the year.
This role requires an impartial and objective view at all times. To work well with the chairperson and promote discussion, ensure continuity if chair is unavailable, and have good communication

Jo Sharpe

Treasurer 2018 

Chair 2009-2017

SW Pride has always had a very special place in my heart as I believe that as an inclusive free community event it reaches out to everyone regardless, and a little bit of education goes along way.

This year I have decided to lighten my Pride workload and I’ve become Treasurer. Over the past 9 years SW Pride has reached thousands of people, and this has happened because of a dedicated committee and supporters whom have giving up precious time in their life to Volunteer.

So please remember SW Pride is volunteer led / self-funded and anything you can do to help, please do . Here’s looking forward to 2019 Event and Fundraisers.

  • Maintain clear accounts for Pride 2018 (as per 2017 accounts);
  • Provide monthly financial reports of the accounts for the committee meeting;
  • To liaise with Fundraising Co-ordinator to provide full costings for fundraisers;
  • Create invoices for Prides creditors.
  • To build and maintain relationships with venues and suppliers;
  • To get the best possible deal/value from suppliers for goods and services provided;
  • To obtain equipment and services for fundraisers;
  • To obtain equipment and services required to hold the Pride Event (such as lighting, toilets, sound, power, generators etc);
  • To identify potential venues to hold fundraisers.
This role requires good communication skills and to be able to build strong working relationships with local business, be organised and methodical.

Sarah Furness


Hey everyone I’m Sarah
I moved to Swindon 3 years ago from Reading.
I enjoy scuba diving, travelling and going to festivals….
I joined the committee last year and the reason I wanted to support pride was to try and make Swindon a more inclusive place for people to live and work.


  • To maintain contact data (internal and external);
  • Take minutes during committee and stakeholders meeting;
  • Organise and inform the committee of meetings;
  • Keep a record of all correspondence.
This role requires good communication, organisational skills and good computing skills.

Miss Bridy Angels are a team put together through Miss Bridy and Jases fundraisers over the years, raising funds for Swindon and Wilshire pride. The team consists of many who have been a great help giving up their invaluable time to help is second to none .  

Over the last 10 years in one way or another they have raised thousands of pounds for said event and done to many to count fundraisers, not only raising money but helping to keep a community feeling amongst the diverse patrons of our events, even with the loss of their main venue they have carried on with the help of the Regent Hotel. 

Prides Angels doing it their way for you x 


Co-ordinating and arrange the various Fundraisers throughout the year;

  • To liaising with the various venues (e.g. Local Venues / Community Centres / Art Centre / Hotels) and members of the community, to avoid clashes;
  • To encourage and develop independent fundraising;
  • To present fundraising ideas to the committee with any associated costs (including budgeting) and feedback on money raised at fundraiser.
  • Carry out a minimum of 5 fundraising events per year (Xmas Pride Party, Launch Party, Ride for Pride are mandatory).
  • Managed and co-ordinate Fundraising sub-committee.
  • Liaise with other managers / co-ordinators on committee.
This person requires good communication skills (verbal & written) and out of the box thinking. Must be able to stick to a budget and understand the differences between profit and turnover.

Cameron Rhead

Fundraising and Entertainment Support

Hey! I’m Cameron, my pronouns are he/him/his, I’m 17 and gay.
I joined the pride committee to bring a younger perspective to pride and speak for the younger generation of Wiltshire’s lgbtq+ community, I work at a local school and while also attending out of the can lgbtq+ youth group, I have a deep understanding of what the younger generation want and how they feel while constantly educating myself on the community and the needs of people.
I’m using my free time to organise the entertainment for pride while putting the input of the younger community into every aspect of the pride organisation and making us feel like we can help pride happen for 2019 and many years to come!

Oscar Martyn

Fundraising and Entertainment Support

Fundraising and Entertainment Support

I’m Oscar, I’m eighteen, and I’m trans and gay. I’ve lived in Swindon my whole life and have joined the committee to keep Pride running and make sure the voices of the younger members of the LGBTQ+ community are heard.


  • Develop the entertainment for the various stages at Pride;
  • To manage and book the entertainment for Pride (including contract agreements);
  • Liaise with acts and feedback to committee regarding progress;
  • Work within the financial budget for the entertainment (including negotiation);
  • Liaise with sound and lighting people to ensure all requirements are covered for the day;
  • To seek acts for the various fundraising events.

This role requires good communication skills and can work within the entertainment budget. Also, be experienced in building / maintaining relationships and managing different personalities.

Phoenix Stewart

Parade and Social Media Manager 2012 to present

My name’s Phoenix, I’m 33 and I have lived in Swindon for over 25 years.

I have been on the committee for 5 years now and 100% believe in events like these where we can educate, celebrate diversity and enjoy ourselves without judgement.

I look after the co-ordination of the parade that starts the day for Swindon and Wiltshire Pride.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed getting more local community groups and businesses involved, obtaining the 50m rainbow flag and getting our first parade sponsors.

It is hard work but so rewarding to support an event for the LGBTQ+ Community #swindonandwiltshirepride2019


  • Develop the Parade within the defined requirements;
  • Working with the Local Police and Council to organise the logistics of the Parade;
  • Seeking sponsorship from local business and encourage group involvement;
  • Promoting people to be involved and to support the Parade on day.
This role requires high energy and enthusiasm, attention to details and persuasive personality.



  • To promote the fundraising events and the Pride event to Wiltshire & it’s surrounding areas (including distribution) within the media
    (i.e. radio /newspapers/magazines).
  • To write regular press releases and distribute to media.
  • To consider Merchandise for pride and provide information to go on to the website. Investigate advertisement opportunities.
  • To regularly update social media platforms with news/fundraisers/photos to promote all associated with Pride;
  • To develop and manage social media platforms (such as Facebook / twitter);
  • To seek different social media platforms to promote Pride.
This role requires familiarisation with all media outlets and types, be confident in communicating (written / verbal), can drive a hard bargain.

Programme Manager


I’m Shaun and my duty on the committee is Programme Manager. I joined the committee to show my support and help put on a great event in 2019 after hearing the 2018 was not going ahead. I am also part of Miss Bridys Angels to help raise funds for pride events.


  • Sell advertisement to local businesses and Service Providers (maintaining existing relationships).
  • Develop a marketing strategy to sell advertisement within the programme.
  • Develop programme based on improvements from previous years.
  • Develop general content for programme.
  • Liaise with Programme designer about timescales and cost of printing.
  • Liaise with other managers / co-ordinators on committee for information within the programme (key focus: entertainment).
  • Distribute programme at least 1 month in advance of the event.

This role requires good communication and requires marketing / selling skills.

John Edwards


Hi, I’m John. I’m 35, originally from South Wales but been in sunny Swindon for 10 years now.

I decided to join Swindon & Wiltshire Pride as I believe a pride event has such a positive impact on the local community. A great day for everyone to be yourself. By not having a Swindon and Wiltshire pride 2018 it has given us more drive, determination and passion to ensure that we return next year bigger and stronger.

My role is a grant coordinator working alongside 2 awesome others. One team wins.

#loveislove. #swindonandwiltshirepride2019

#loveislove. #swindonandwiltshirepride2019


  • Review the various available grants and submit applications on Swindon & Wiltshire Prides behalf (support will be given by the Chair/Vice-chair for this Role and training available from VAS).
  • Potentially run any schemes where grants have been obtained, ensuring feedback is given and available when required.

This role requires good written skills and be able to interpret funding bids and use statistics within applications.

Andy Webb – Website Manager

Denise Dymond – Website Co-ordinator

Hi! I’m Denise! I’ve been attending Swindon and Wiltshire Pride as a member of the public  for the past 10 years since it launched in 2008.

When I found out there was need to ramp up volunteers to help make Pride happen for Swindon & Wilts 2019, I knew I wanted to be more involved and give something back to contribute. I feel it’s so important to be able to continue to hold a Pride event in our region to celebrate and embrace diversity within our community.

As a computer software tester by trade, I volunteer my time to support the committee as Website Co-ordinator and Tester. 

I continue to meet great people and new friends in the lgbtq+ community and am looking forward to working closely with the committee, as I join their mission to make Swindon & Wilts Pride 2019 happen!

Website Responsibilities

  • To develop the website with External Providers.
  • Liaise with other committee members to ensure relevant and current information is placed on website.
  • Liaise with Social Media / Press Officer to co-ordinate announcements / press releases.
  • Feedback and obtain feedback at committee meetings, regarding the website.
  • Ensure historical data is part of the website.
  • Create links with other website providers.
This role requires an eye for detail and flare, must be able to interpret the committees’ ideas and bring your own to the table.


Volunteer Manager


  • Develop the volunteering team (e.g. Stewards) for fundraising events and the Pride Event.
  • To promote the volunteering opportunities within the community sector and business organisations.
  • Be responsible for Co-ordinating Prides attendance at potential fairs and events to help publicise the event to the wider community.
  • Maintain Volunteers page on Facebook and actively encourage involvement.
  • Liaise with other managers / co-ordinators on committee.
  • Maintain committee contact list.

This role requires good communication and the ability to encourage involvement from the community

Lee Hare

Sponsorship Manager


  • Develop and build on previous sponsorship packages offered;
  • Sell sponsorship to local businesses and Service Providers (maintaining existing relationships and developing new ones);
  • Communicate with Chair and Vice-chair with regards to previous relationships and ensure these are continued;
  • Attend meetings & carry out presentations with potential sponsors with support from Chair or Vice-chair;
  • Liaise with Treasurer on Budget requirements and creation of invoices for sold sponsorship packages.

This role requires good communication and requires marketing / selling skills.

Natalie Bo Phimsorn

Stall Manager

Hi, I’m Natalie

This is my first year volunteering for Swindon & Wiltshire Pride after I heard Pride 2018 had to be cancelled.

I think Swindon & Wiltshire Pride is important for raising awareness of the need for equality, as well as being a great event to bring the community together.

Having never been to a Pride Festival before though I’m looking forward to experiencing the whole energy of the day. Currently I’m enjoying meeting new people, liaising with prospective stall holders and helping organise Pride 2019!

  • Maintain and manage a Stall contact list.
  • Contact previous Stall holders and new, to invite to the event.
  • Contact other prides, to have promotional stall at their event.
  • Ensure invoices are created and payment is received for all stall holders.
  • Liaise with other committee members.

This role requires high energy and enthusiasm, attention to details and persuasive personality.

Friends of Pride

Lydia Lawrence

 I’ve lived in Swindon all my life, and grew up within Swindon’s LGBT community. 

I have attended the last 10 years of pride as an ally, as a member of the public and as a member of the committee in previous years; helping organise the parade, working on the bar, helping set up the event and working backstage and with fundraisers such as “Ride for Pride”

I have rejoined the committee after taking a couple of years off following the birth of my daughter and have taken over the social media pages

These are people that maybe cannot commit full time to Pride but still are enthusiastic or maybe have specific skills and interests, which would support the committee in adhoc or specific duties, these could include:

  • Share Pride and volunteer news and information
  • Promote fundraisers
  • Sharing voluntary and fundraising experiences and ideas
  • Create other fundraising activities to support the formal ones organised by the committee
  • Contributing to Pride’s programme content/contact advertisers
  • Canvassing local businesses
  • Positively promoting Pride and putting up posters and advertising in workplaces or to family and friends
  • Encouraging others to follow Pride on Twitter or like on Facebook
  • Helping out at fundraisers and the main event
  • Representing Pride at meetings or to the press

To find out more you can join our Facebook page at Swindon & Wiltshire Pride: Volunteers